Mark Smalley

CEO / Founder - @m_smalley

Mark Smalley has been living in Malaysia since he was 18. He has been a freelancer, a founder and innovator. Obsessed by all things OpenSource, he was recently awarded Most Innovative App of The Year at Mongo SV in Silicon-Valley for MongoPress; the NoSQL CMS. He has over 5 years in the finance sector and 15 years of design & development experience.

Johnny Mayo

Director - @MayoCopy

Johnny Mayo is a Director at R1, and has been in Malaysia for the past 5 years. He has experience in digital media, social media, event organization and brand management. As a former digital producer for Antics Studios, he has launched and managed campaigns for brands such as HSBC, MyDeal and StyleKandi to name a few, but it all started in finance.

Luke Riley

Executive Director

Luke Riley has a wide range of experiences that span from economic planning & construction, to education, manufacturing and logistics, Bilingual (Mandarin), with a comprehensive understanding of Asian cultures and expectations, he has managed and directed companies, negotiations, business development, and communications for 10 years in Asia & America.

Pre-Seed Funding

Valued at over RM 1.3 Million

June 5th, 2013

Not only does R1 DOT MY turn one-year old today, but it also celebrates it's first round of seed-funding, which has valued the company at just over RM 1.3 Million. This should allow us to (for the first time in 7 years) be working exclusively on our own products.

These are exciting times for R1 DOT MY and are extremely glad to be sharing them with new Directors:- where Johnny Mayo and Luke Riley will be playing intregal roles in the continued success of our projects.

The first order of business will be launching the Betanomics Project. We already have a working prototype for our first product and are now seeking an additional round of funding. Please see our Angel List Profile for more information.

Updated on 28th of Nov: Please note that this funding never fully-materialized as seen on our Betanomics Angel List profile..

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